Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mural Work In Progress

It's a milestone year for my former High School - 2011 is Henry Wise Wood's 50th Anniversary! My art teacher, Lil Molstad contacted me about volunteering to create a commemorative Mural at the school. We gathered a few other Alumni and we are set to complete the painting by April for the 50th Celebration event!

Henry Wise Wood 50th Anniversary Mural, A collaboration of 5 Alumni graduates:

Kevin Baird, Mary Jane Brown, Rosalind Lee, Justin Mckenzie, Shannon Reinholdt. Alexandra Rutley met with us in the early concept phase as well!

It's a Work in Progress... more photos and info about the painting to come later. Enjoy!

(feel free to stop by the school to see it in person! The painting is located in the hallway outside the main office.)

910 - 75 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2V 0S6