Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Anthology Project - Kickstarter fundraising last 24 hrs!

Currently The Anthology Project are just $1088 shy of their ultimate $14000 goal! The project is led by my super talented friend Joy Ang. The Anthology Project's Second Edition is under production as we speak! The high quality, hardcover book is set to be published in 2011.

Contributing to the fund even get's you a copy of the book itself - ie. $30 gets you the new book and three buttons! Regular price the book is likely $25 (which is what I paid for the first edition), so it is almost the same thing.

Attached is a photo of Joy and I at the opening party reception for The Anthology Project's First eiditon . (April 2010, Fashion Central, Calgary). Best wishes to such a talented group of artists!

Check out their websites for more info: