Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dahlya and Pablo, Caricature Chalk Drawing

The two photos above taken with my iPhone of the work in progress
Recently I had the pleasure to work with Dahlya and Pablo, a stylish and modern couple who were looking for an artist to create a Caricature Chalk Mural for their Wedding Reception at Q-Haute Cuisine. Credit to my friend Luba, of Sketch, Calgary Art Supplies and Art Framing, for the referral! 

Their wedding was on Saturday, August 11th, 2012.  At our first meeting, we met at the restaurant and it was my first time seeing the space we were working with. I got to see photos of their invitations and learned about them and their wedding plans! I snapped a few photos of the couple, and worked from those as reference for their faces. After our consultation, we corresponded via email on sketches to get to the final product.

White Dress Photography did an amazing job capturing their big day. View the gallery HERE.  A truly beautiful, intimate and classic wedding. 
Photo credit for the above image: White Dress Photography
Photo of my Car with the Extension Ladder in it... This is how we drive to Q-Haute! Go Red Rocket!!