Monday, September 14, 2015

Medicine Hat Chalk Festival, 2015

I made the front page news without having to commit a crime! :)
The Downtown Medicine Hat organization invited me down to their first ever Chalk Festival Weekend, August 12th-13th. There were approximately 16 local and out of town artists who came down for the event to draw. They closed off two blocks and had everyone create on tempra primed sections of the road. I chose to draw an image of a bird I created originally as an acrylic canvas painting.  Great experience overall and hope they do it again next year. 

Chalkboard Table Seating Chart at Q Haute Cuisine, Calgary

I have the lovely opportunity to work with Cheryl and Lance on their Table Seating Chart, on the large chalk wall at Q Haute Cuisine! They went with their favourite movie titles as the table names, how memorable and creative. Congratulations again and thank you for having me create for your big day!