Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bowties, Pearls and Moustaches - A Prohibition Style Cocktail Party

What a great theme for a party... where was my invite?! :p
Chalk mural Commission for Midwest Surveys, their upcoming event at Q Haute 
"Bowties, Pearls and Moustaches - A Prohibition Style Cocktail Party"

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fiona and James Caricatures, Chalk Mural & Live Drawings

Recently I worked with a lovely couple, Fiona and James on a custom Caricature.

They both love cycling (they each own three different bicycles!) and have always wanted to try a tandem bicycle as well. They were really easy to work with and really fun to get to know. Above is their completed studio drawing, and I was comissioned to draw it with chalk at Q Haute Cuisine, the location for their Wedding Reception.

Chalk Mural at Q Haute Cuisine In progress  

A photo with the finished chalk mural  
Fiona and James also invited me to do live caricature drawing of their guests on their Wedding Reception evening at Q Haute.  This was an exciting opportunity for me and I really loved it! Check out some of the photos of the family and friends of the couple with their caricatures. Thank you Fiona and James for the opportunity to work with you, I had an amazing time!