Thursday, July 14, 2011

100 Handmade Wire Words

Recently received a really great challenge. An order for 100 Custom Name Wine Charms. Prior to, the most I have made for one order was 17.

100? No problem I thought, but it did take longer than predicted. I missed Stampede festivities (annual week long western themed festival celebration here in Calgary) but it was worth it! This order was from Molly and Neil of California, USA. They are getting married, and their wedding, appropriately so, will be held at a Winery. Molly told me that she plans on having each charm attached to individual seating cards, set up at the welcome table.

The items are shipping out today! So excited for her to see them. Check out some photos of the work in progress. The charms are 'handwritten' soley by hand. No template, simply writing the letters one by one with the wire and a pair of round nose pliers and regular small pliers. They are dainty and lightweight, and do get tangled easily if they are all thrown together carelessly. I was able to ship the work to her on three sheets of paper, as seen in the second last photo. The names of her guests were printed out and labeled on the left side as well, so it will be easy for her to find each of the names.

Edit: August 19th. Post wedding, I heard back from Molly and she said they were a huge hit! Everyone really liked this creative wedding favor that they could take home. Molly then requested 5 more charms, repeats of a couple of her guests because they forgot to take theirs home, and still wanted a little memento from her wedding celebration. What a pleasure it has been to take on a project like this and to work with Molly (a delight!).

View more photos and quantities of the Custom Name Wine Charms in the Rozzie Jewelry store. Like the Words only?