Thursday, September 20, 2012

Q Haute Stampede Chalk Drawing

Hello Friends! Sorry I have not posted much recently, I have been living life! Truly!

This past spring the boyfriend and I both got bicycles! Love going through Fish Creek Park. So much wildlife out there, and it's really peaceful and great exercise. My favourite part of Fish Creek is the wildlife. From interesting birds, to the beaver dam that we discovered, counting three beavers swimming, chewing or just chillin' by the still body of water. Also plenty of deer, duck, and on occasion even skunk, partridge other unknown creatures.

But also this summer, I got my motorcycle license and bought a Kawasaki Ninja 250R whoo!! So spending most of my free time on two wheels, while working full-time at the Motorcycle shop and working on Jewelry in my barely there free time. Really there is none, because I'm eating or sleeping in between all these activities. Trying of focus on taking care of myself, an overall sense of health and wellness are my goals.

So with this post, I wanted to show off the Chalk drawing Kyle and I did at Q Haute Cuisine back in June, with a Stampede theme. For those who aren't from Calgary, The Calgary Stampede is a week long Western festival that takes over the city!  Suddenly everyone wears a cowboy hat, and tourists think we are all cow-folk who drink and party a lot. :p 2012 is extra special for the Stampede, as it's celebrating it's centennial year, one hundred years Stampeding!

Q Haute Cuisine is a Contemporary French Fine Dining Restaurant here in Calgary, located right next to the new Calgary Peace Bridge. Their address is: 100 La Caille place S.W Calgary, Alberta.