Friday, February 18, 2011

Mural Painting - Progress Photos 2

Another weekend of painting has come by, it's been 4 sessions so far.

Prior to the beginning of the Alumni coming in to work on the painting Lil had some of her current students to help clean the wall and prep it with primer. Kevin also came in and did the grid on the wall. The original drawing was created by Justin, and Shannon created the colour scheme in photoshop for us to follow.

Sat Feb 5 Day 1: Kev, MJ, Justin, Shannon, Roz
Sun Feb 6 Day 2: MJ, Roz
Sat Feb 12 Day 3: Shannon, Roz
Sun Feb 13 Day 4: Justin, Shannon, Roz

The Concept
A celebration of Henry Wise Wood (HWW)'s 50th Anniversary. A place where Scholars, Artists and Athletes emerge. We have the image of Mr. Henry Wise wood on the left, big letters of HWW, will have 50 years written next and imagery of a Warrior helmet. The look is urban, contemporary, graffiti inspired.

Who's doing what sections?
Currently Shannon is working on the background of the blue sky. MJ is working on the first H (academics), Justin is working on the first W (arts), I'm working on the second W (athletics), and Kevin is working on the Warrior head to the right.

This weekend (feb 19 and 20) the school isn't open for us to come in, so it is nice to have a bit of a break from painting. All of us work fulltime too, so the extra volunteer hours keep us quite busy. Stay tuned for the next update!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mural Work In Progress

It's a milestone year for my former High School - 2011 is Henry Wise Wood's 50th Anniversary! My art teacher, Lil Molstad contacted me about volunteering to create a commemorative Mural at the school. We gathered a few other Alumni and we are set to complete the painting by April for the 50th Celebration event!

Henry Wise Wood 50th Anniversary Mural, A collaboration of 5 Alumni graduates:

Kevin Baird, Mary Jane Brown, Rosalind Lee, Justin Mckenzie, Shannon Reinholdt. Alexandra Rutley met with us in the early concept phase as well!

It's a Work in Progress... more photos and info about the painting to come later. Enjoy!

(feel free to stop by the school to see it in person! The painting is located in the hallway outside the main office.)

910 - 75 Ave SW
Calgary AB T2V 0S6

Monday, February 7, 2011

Old Milwaukee Painting on Brick

Client: Sleemans
Location: The Palimino - 109-7th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
Project: Painting of their Old Milwaukee babe and classic logo
Media: Acrylic Paint onto aged brick.

Objective was to give the painting a vintage look and feel. If you're in Calgary check it out for yourself at The Palimino (center street and 7th ave train tracks across from Art Central!) A challenge for this project was getting up so high to paint, as it's in a stairwell. After a lot of thought, it fortunately worked out with a ladder/plank system.